Tom and his Honda CB750

A couple of snaps from a roll I shot last weekend at the vintage MX race at Hannegan Speedway, WA. 

First camping trip this year. 

A couple months ago I shot a few rolls of my good friend Neale’s 1951 Triumph Thunderbird. This bike’s a real beauty and so is he. Check out his site..

Neale and his pre-unit

Neale and his pre-unit

Some snaps of friends and bikes at the Moto 1 show in Portland this year.

Went out to Travis’s shop with and took some pics of his 1960 panhead born free 5 build. What a beauty.

Vote for his bike to win the showclass mag peoples champion.    bike 21

Chris’s CB550 Custom

Rest of my favorites from the rolls.

Sneak peek of the photos I shot of my 67’ TR6C for my friends at . Full story and more photos from them coming soon..